Visiting The School

Parents are welcome and encouraged to contact the school if advice is required.  Prospective parents are invited to contact the Head Teacher for an introductory visit.  Each year the school holds an Open Evening in early October, led by the Headteacher, to introduce the school to parents with pre school children.

For those who then accept a place a meeting is held in the summer term before the child's entry to school, which includes an address by the Headteacher and an opportunity for the staff to be introduced to you. Parents will also be able to meet their child's class teacher enabling a mutual exchange of information.

Children will be able to visit school with their parents each week through The Dingle Pre Admission Library Service (Dingle PALS), which allows them to choose library books and meet the teachers.  In addition all children will be invited to attend school half a day therefore ensuring a smooth and enjoyable introduction to full time education.

General information evenings are arranged during the autumn term and personal interviews with the class teachers are held during the spring term to discuss children's progress.  Further interviews can be arranged on request. 

Dingle Primary School

Headteacher: Mr B Cox

The Dingle, Haslington, Cheshire, CW1 5SD

Main Contact: Miss Charlotte Clark - School Business Manager

Tel: 01270 918988