Attendance and Absence

Attendance at The Dingle Primary School is consistently high.  Overall pupil absence for the 2021-22 academic year was in the lowest 20% of all schools nationally. Almost all pupils tell us that they enjoy school and this is reflected in high attendance.  We expect all pupils to be punctual to school and be ready to learn.   

If a child is unable to come to school, please telephone the school office by 9.10 a.m.  If we do not receive a phone call we will endeavour to make contact with you to ascertain the reason for the absence.  If a child is absent for several days, a note sent in on his/her return is required.

All holiday will be unauthorised unless there are exceptional circumstances. Any unauthorised holiday taken may result in a Fixed Penalty fine for both parents imposed by the Local Authority.

The Local Authority is able to give a Fixed Penalty Notice and fine to parents of children with continuous unauthorised absence.

See Attendance Policy

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