Dinner Times

The majority of children elect to stay at school during the dinner time.  Children can either bring their own lunch, or have a school meal.  If children bring their own lunch, it should be in a proper container e.g. sandwich box.  Please, for safety reasons, do not include hot drinks, soup, glass containers or fizzy drinks. All infant pupils currently qualify for a free school meal under the government’s Universal Free School Meal Scheme. KS2 pupils pay for their school lunches at a cost of £2.70 per day unless they are in receipt of low income tax credits.

Dingle Primary School

Headteacher: Mr B Cox

The Dingle, Haslington, Cheshire, CW1 5SD

Main Contact: Miss Charlotte Clark - School Business Manager

Tel: 01270 918988

Email: office@dingle.cheshire.sch.uk