Dinner Times

The majority of children elect to stay at school during the dinner time.  Children can either bring their own lunch, or have a school meal.  If children bring their own lunch, it should be in a proper container e.g. sandwich box.  Please, for safety reasons, do not include hot drinks, soup, glass containers or fizzy drinks. All infant pupils currently qualify for a free school meal under the government’s Universal Free School Meal Scheme. KS2 pupils pay for their school lunches at a cost of £2.70 per day unless they are in receipt of low income tax credits.

Free School Meals or Pupil Premium funding is available to children in all school years, depending on their circumstances. If you would like to enquire about this please feel free to speak to us in the school office or search online for Pupil Premium funding.

Dingle Primary School

Headteacher: Mr B Cox

The Dingle, Haslington, Cheshire, CW1 5SD

Main Contact: Miss Charlotte Clark - School Business Manager

Tel: 01270 918988

Email: office@dingle.cheshire.sch.uk