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Eco-Schools 2023 to 2024

The Eco Warriors have had a busy year - September 2023 to July 2024.

We continued to recycle paper, soft plastic, paper and pens.

We counted down to Christmas with our Eco Advent Calendar on X.

We made recycled crafts with pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2, teaching them how to make something beautiful out of scraps.

Screenshot 2024-07-19 140613.jpgScreenshot 2024-07-19 140725.jpg

Our World Earth Day Hat Parade was a brilliant success.

IMG .jpg

We participated in 30 Days of Wild by the Wildlife Trust in June.

We have been busy tidying The Dell, feeding the birds and litter picking.

IMG_0486.JPG IMG_0355.JPG IMG_0483.JPG

Thanks to our Eco Warriors: Amelia, Amy, Heidi, Maxwell, Jacob, Jacob, Savannah, Amelie, Willow, Ava-Mae and Ellie.

Eco-Schools 2022 to 2023

In Summer 2022, The Dingle Primary School achieved the Keep Britain Tidy, Eco-Schools Green Flag Award. We now recycle the soft plastic from the school fruit, pens and some paper which the Eco-Warriors collect each week. The Eco Warriors also regularly feed the birds and we have two bug hotels and three compost bins on the school grounds.

Pupils from each class (Year 1 to 6) have been democratically elected as new Eco-Warriors. Several previously elected members have also continued to work with the committee to ensure continuity, as we continue to work towards implementing our actions.


September 2022

Meet our new Eco-Warriors. This year we have decided to complete the RSPB Schools’ Wild Challenge.

Eco Committee.jpg

October 2022

Year 1 have been exploring and enjoying the habitats in our school grounds.

The Eco-Warriors have completed their first RSPB Wild Challenge - Wild Writing. They composed a shared poem, each writing a couple of lines about what they could see, hear, smell and feel in The Dell.

November 2022

Amelia and Harry have been collecting the worn out pens every week for recycling.


The Eco-Warriors have completed their second RSPB Wild Challenge - Food and Water for Wildlife. Several members created new bird feeders at home from recycled materials.

The Eco-Warriors have been feeding the birds regularly.


January 2023

The Eco-Warriors had a great visit from Ansa which delivers the waste and recycling services for Cheshire East. We are excited to get involved with their projects and have elected Maxwell and Amelia to be this years Junior Recycling Officers in addition to their work with the Eco Warriors. They have lots of upcycling project ideas.

The Eco-Warriors enjoyed participating in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch.

IMG_2561.JPG IMG_2562.JPG IMG_2563.JPG


February 2023

We are holding our annual energy saving competition.


March 2023

The Eco-Warriors had a wonderful visit from IBStock. It was fascinating to learn how habitats for birds, bats and bees can be integrated into new homes.

IMG_0058.JPG IMG_0059.JPG IMG_0060.JPG

The Eco-Warriors have been busy making recycled button bracelets, as part of Amelia and Maxwell's upcycling project.

Amelia and Maxwell have an interesting and fun assembly all about upcycling and different projects doing this in our local area.

April 2023

The Eco-Warriors have been busy litter picking and clearing sticks from the school grounds.

Spring.JPG Spring 1.jpg

We have had an superb visit from 'Dennis the Dustcart'. We learnt lots about waste and loved the activities. Thank you to all the team at ANSA.

Use 4.JPG Use 5.JPGUse 1.JPG Use 3.JPG Use.JPG

May 2023

The Eco-Warriors have been continuing to complete the RSPB wild challenge activities: exploring the habitats around our school; looking at natures colour pallet; bulding a home for hedgehogs and homes for amphibians in The Dell; planting wildflower seeds; making some new log piles for insects; and updating our bug hotels, so they continue to serve as great resorts for nature.

Summer.JPG Summer 9.JPG Summer 8.JPG Summer 7.JPG

Summer 6.JPG Summer 4.JPG Summer 3.JPG Summer (2).JPG 


Eco-Schools 2021 to 2022

The children at The Dingle care about the planet and previously lots of pupils have been involved in several green initiatives including picking up litter and the recycling crisp packet scheme run by Amelie and Eliza. Last year, we started our journey towards becoming a Green Flag Award Eco-School. We achieved the Bronze and Silver Awards. This year we are continuing to work towards this goal and will be applying in Summer 2022.

Two pupils from each class (Year 1 to 6) have been democractically elected as new eco-committee members. Several previously elected members have also continued to work with the committee to ensure continuity, as we continue to work towards implementing our actions. EYFS will be invited to contribute in their own mini-committee. 


Year 1: Skye, Hattie, Evelyn and Annie

Year 2: Amelie, Finley, Kruz and Emily

Year 3: James, Noah, Harry and Sam

Year 4: Heidi, Ruby and Emma 

Year 5: Oscar, Amber, Edward and Hâf

Year 6: Sophie, Matilda, Amelie, Lily and Estella


September 2021

Meet our new eco-committee. They have named themselves Eco-Warriors and have found badges made from recycled metal. They have been busy updating our school's Environmental Review and have lots of ideas to help make our school greener.

Eco Committee 2021
Eco-Warriors 2021 to 2022

October 2021

Matilda and Sophie have been busy writing our Action Plan for this year based on everyones ideas. Well done for all the great contributions! Please read it below. 

Action Plan 1.JPG

Action Plan 2.JPG

November 2021

The Eco-warriors have been busy collecting paper, pens and fruit plastic for recycling. Hâf and Amber have designed new clearer boxe labels, so they everyone will know where to put recyclable items. 

New Pen Labels.jpg

The Eco-warriors have been making bird feeders out of old halloween pumpkins and collected pine cones. Why not have a go at making your own bird food recipe?

Homemade Bird Food Recipe | Make Bird Seed Cakes - The RSPB

 Making bird feeders.jpg Bird Feeders 1.jpg Bird Feeders in Dell.jpg Birds.JPG

December 2021

The Eco Warriors have made several eco information posters to put up around school.

We had lunch with Mr Cox to talk about our ideas and how everyone can be greener.

We did a zoom assembly to the school, explaining our goals for this school year.

January 2022

The Eco warriors now have several ongoing projects:

  • Amber and Ruby are continuing to collect and check old pens for recycling.
  • Sophie is collecting the soft plastic from the fruit for recycling. 
  • Lily and Estella are collecting doubled sides paper for recycling.

We have been busy planting hycaniths in the raised beds and have collected and placed lots of indoor plants around school to enhance our environment. 


Every class has been given a hyacinth to grow. We will check in summer to see which class has added the most flowers and leaves to their plants. 

The Eco Warriors took part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. 

RSPB Garden bird Wacth 28 Jan 22 (1).JPG RSPB Garden bird Wacth 28 Jan 22 (2).JPG RSPB Garden bird Wacth 28 Jan 22 (3).JPG

Thank you to everyone who returned their energy bookmarks. We hope you use these ideas to help you save energy.

Energy Bookmarks and Signs Complete 25 Jan 22.JPG



February 2022

The Eco warriors have created an Eco Code for our school. They wrote the Eco Code themselves and made it into a rap. Click the link below to watch The Eco Code.

March 2022

In March the Eco warriors spoke about Earth Hour in assembly and invited everyone to join in. Thank you to everyone who participtated.

Earth Hour Promotion 24 March 22.JPG

April 2022

On Friday 22nd April, the whole school celebrated World Earth Day! We were super impressed with everyone's hat designs and congratulations to the winners.

World Earth Day 22 April 22 (12).JPG World Earth Day 22 April 22 (7).JPG

Year 1 have been busy filling the compost bins.

Yr1 Collecting Leaves for the Compost Bin April 22 (2).JPG Yr1 Collecting Leaves for the Compost Bin April 22.JPG

Year 1 and Early Years have been participtating in litter picks around school. 

Yr1 Litter Picking(1).JPG

Year 6 have been busy making Summer bird feeders for the Dell. 


Year 1 have made natural magic wands and have been thinking of their wishes for the future of planet Earth. 

The Bug Hotels have been renovated, hopefully more mini-beasts will move in.

May 2022

Please join us, in signing the glitter pledge to not use non-biogradable glitter. Glitter is a microplastic which harms sea life in our oceans. 

Glitter Pledge 15 May 22.JPG Glitter Pledge 12 May 22.JPG Glitter Pledge A 15 May 22(1).JPG

June 2022

The planet competition results are in! Congratulations Mr Spens' class. Your plant has the most leaves and flowers. Super growing skills.

July 2022

The Dingle Primary School has achieved its Green Flag Award.

Green Flag.jfif


Eco-Schools 2020 to 2021 

In November 2020, we created an eco-committee aimed at furthering our pupils’ knowledge and the school's goals in supporting positive environmental actions. 

Pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 were invited to complete an application for the eco-committee. Once the pupils were selected, they met in weekly socially distanced meetings. 

They have named themselves the ‘Eco-Legends’. Meet the team:

  • Eco-Legend co-chairs: Matilda and Isla
  • Eco-Legend secretary:  Julia 
  • Year 2 representatives: Harry and Phoenix
  • Year 3/4 representatives: Jemima, Edward and Jemima
  • Year 5 representatives: Amelie and Harry
  • Year 6 representatives: Harrison and Megan
  • Staff lead: Miss Henry
  • Parent representative: Mrs Atkinson
  • Supporting students: Henry and Eliza

November 2020 

We have carried out an environmental survey of the school. We scored 31/60. There are lots of things our school is good at and other areas we can improve upon. 

We have chosen three areas to focus on this year. This is our Action Plan:

Action Plan.JPG

December 2020

  • Thank you to the Don Hanson Charitable Trust for Hanson Box.

Pupils have enjoyed reading the books and participating in the competitions. 

  • Well done, Jemima. What a brilliant bug hotel!

January 2021

  • Congratulations to Harry Atkinson for coming 2nd in the Hanson Box Drawing Competition.

February 2021

  • We have been painting a shed to improve our school grounds.

March 2021

  • We have created an eco-display and given presentations to our classes, telling them about how they can help the environment.

Have a look at it to see what we have been doing. If you have any ideas add them to our suggestion box.

  • Year 2, 5 and 6 have been busy planting potatoes as part of the Grow Your Own Potatoes competition.
  • The energy saving competition has started. Well done Early Years for winning the first week.
  • Paper and pen recycling boxes have been made and introduced.

Did you know that 4 boxes of recycled paper = one 45ft tree? 

  • We have achieved our Eco-Schools Bronze award. We will now be working towards Silver. Eco-Schools is an environmental education program managed in England by the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy. There are ten eco-topics: Biodiversity, Energy, Global Citizenship, Healthy Living, Litter, Marine, School Grounds, Transport, Waste and Water. To find out more visit their website: Home - Eco Schools (

April 2021

  • We have been tidying our school grounds. We have collected sticks from our school field and added them to our wildlife area.
  • We have been litter picking.
  • World Earth Day Events – Thursday 22nd April
  • Across the school, pupils have been learning about the current environmental challenges the globe faces and potential solutions. The children have enjoyed visiting the Earth Day Art Gallery and taking part in different class-based activities including: collaborative art, re-using old t-shirts, poster making, letter writing and experiments.

Welcome to our World Earth Recycled Art Gallery.

The theme of today is Restore Our Earth.

                                        Time to save the world!                                     Recycled cardboard, pencils and bottle tops to make a clock.

Right now, there is an urgent need to change human behavior, so that we can slow or stop climate change. It is time to act!

Tin can turned in a Bee Planter

The Problem:

The UK has lost 13 species of bee since 1900 and across Europe around 1 in 10 wild bee species face extinction. This is due to land use changes, habitat loss and pesticide use. Without bees, we are in trouble. They are our pollinators.

A flower wreath made from egg shells (2nd place year 3/4 entry).
Wild flowers in cardboard frame.
A box of flowers.
Two recycled pots of flowers.

These flowers will NOT be here next year if there are no pollinators.

The Solution: Stop habitat loss!

Help by planting bee friendly plants in your gardens and in un-used spaces to create more habitat and avoid using pesticides. 

                  Bird feeder                  (3rd place year 3/4 entry).

The Problem: Many UK bird species numbers are in decline.

The Solution: We need to support all wildlife and stop the global reduction in biodiversity. 

Help by giving nature a home, put out bird feeders to support our wildlife where food for birds is scarce. Make spaces for nature such as minibeast hotels, as this supports the whole food web. 

Minibeasts made from recycled materials.
A bug hotel (1st place year 3/4 entry). 

The Problem:  Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide, which warms our planet. This is making our climate warmer and causing rising sea levels. 

Power station.

The Solution: We need to use renewable energy sources: solar power; wind turbines; wave energy.

Help by walking to school, turning of lights and saving energy. 

              Wind turbine and eco-solution art pieces.         Bottom picture = 3rd place Infant entry.
A renewable energy scene made from materials found at the beach (2nd place year 5/6 entry). 

The Problem: Approximately 35 percent of the global marine habitats are estimated to have been destroyed. Our sea life is damaged by both rising temperatures and pollution. 

The Solution: 

We need to stop plastic littering. 

We need to stop overfishing and fish in an environmentally friendly way. 

                       Save Our Seas!                       Model aquarium = 1st place year 5/6 entry.  3 lovely collage sea art pieces. 
An ocean themed bag made from recycled materials and a turtle trapped by plastic population.

The Problem: Globally people produce too much waste.

A model of our planet (2nd place Infant entry). 

The Solution:

We need to reduce, re-use, recycle.  We need to think of creative solutions. 

Some super creative art ideas.
A Lego figures display case made from  recycled boxes.

Help by recycling. Last term our school recycled 1.1kg of pens and ¼ of a tree’s worth of double-sided paper.

Help by using less plastic. For example: cloth bags, re-usable lunch boxes and water bottles.

Homemade Recycling Boxes

Our planet is amazing. It is one of a kind.

Collage of Vincent van Gogh's ‘A Starry Night’ (2nd place year 5/6 entry). 

If human ingenuity can get us into space, then by working together we can RESTORE OUR EARTH!

Recycled rocket model showing how amazing human creations can be            (1st place Infants entry). 


May 2021

  • Each week we have been monitoring lights and projectors in all the classes. Well done everyone for improving energy efficiency in the school. Eco-Committee will be back next academic to check on progress. Congratulations Miss Hancock's class for being the most energy efficient.Energy Points Graphical Results

June 2021

  • We have developed our own compost area, with three compost bins which will make soil for future school gardening projects. Thank you to Matilda, for her excellent wood working skills, making a sign for our compost area. We have been busy collecting items to start to fill our compost bins.

July 2021

  • We made our own recycled material eco badges using a design drawn by Eliza, recycled plastic and badge pins. 
  • Eco Badge
  • We have taken part in the Great British Water Survey. 
  • Year 5, taste tested different types of water and sent off their results.
  • Eco-Committee have been testing the pH levels of our school's tap water and the local rain water. Tap water pH was consistent accross the school. 
  • We have applied for and recieved the Eco-Schools Silver Award. Well done everyone for all your hard work.Silver Award.JPG


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