The Staff

Currently there are thirteen full time teachers, plus the Head Teacher. The current class organisation is as follows; although this could change slightly each September, according to the number of children in each age group, and any budget constraints.



Mr B Cox

Head Teacher

Mr M Griffiths

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs J Hayes


Early Years and Key Stage 1


Class 1 - Mrs Whiston

Reception/ Year 1 Teacher

Class 2 - Miss Fisher

Reception Teacher

Class 3 - Miss E Trickett

Year 1 Teacher

Class 4 - Mrs F Brotherston

Year 1/2 Teacher

Class 5 - Mrs V Bradford

Year 2 Teacher



Key Stage 2

Class 6 - Mr M Griffiths

Year 3/4 Teacher

Class 7 - Mrs J Hayes

Year 3/4 Teacher

Class 8 - Mrs L Potts

Year 3/4 Teacher

Class 9 - Miss R Hadzik

Year 5/6 Teacher

Class 10 - Mrs C Done

Year 5 Teacher

Class 11 - Mr R Spens

Year 5/6 Teacher



Mrs S Robinson

School Business Manager

Mrs A Charlton

Administration Officer

Mrs C Sutton

Additional Teacher KS2 (Part-Time)

Mrs T Beech

Additional Teacher KS2 (Part-Time)

Mr A Dowell

Additional Teacher (Part-Time)

Mrs S Smirk

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Foulkes

Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Geer

Teaching Assistant/Out of Hours Playworker

Mrs J Cooper

Teaching Assistant

Miss R Lurlano

Teaching Assistant

Miss L Cooke

Apprentice/Welfare Assistant


Mr D Hamilton

Site Officer

Mrs D Ellam-Dunn


There are many other people who work at the school.These include cleaning and canteen staff, and the team of mid-day assistants who help look after the children at dinner time.

Contact the School

Dingle Primary School

The Dingle

Main Contact: Mrs Sue Robinson

Tel: 01270 685700
Fax: 01270 501565